Industrial Solutions

Izimage is expert in custom industrial solutions in the field of signage and of security in the workplace.

At Izimage, HSE decision makers of industrial sites find an array of integrated solutions to mobilize their HSE action plans: safety signage, locking, lockout, pedestrian barriers, vehicles or railways, all types of brochures and specialized printing (analysis of critical risks, conformity of tools and equipment, work orders), all types of management dashboards, video and print training support, awareness posters, panels with hazard lights, 5S panels, identification and hazardous material monitoring, labels, stickers and many other solutions.

Izimage also develops innovative solutions integrating the most recent technologies in their products: creation, 2D and 3D modeling, production of shop drawings and manufacturing of solar panels to power billboards with LED or remote controls to activate signals without leaving your industrial vehicle.

Izimage integrates perfectly with the procurement management structure of its clients, and offers different internal applicants the solutions that they need, in full conformity with the corporate charter.

We invite you to consult real cases that demonstrate how Izimage can help you.