Corporate Image

Izimage is expert in custom Corporate Image Solutions. At Izimage, decision makers in communications, quality, and engineering, human resources and secretariats of the executive management find an array of integrated solutions to set their internal communication plan in motion: Signage, billboards, kiosks, displays, production videos, various specialized printing, banners, posters, executive office staging, walls and conference rooms, logos, flashing plaques, and many more solutions.

Izimage also offers a complete range of indoor and outdoor architectural solutions in partnership with architects and general contractors: wall coverings, ceiling coverings, displays, kiosks, theatre and reception room decoration, signs and logo, indoor and outdoor signage.

Izimage is also a provider for transport and logistics companies, hotel industry, residences, and shops: signs, vehicle lettering, billboards, posters, room staging, indoor and outdoor signage and many other solutions.

Izimage integrates perfectly with the purchasing management structure of each customer and offers customized solutions tailored to meet individual needs, in full conformity with the corporate charter.

We invite you to consult real cases that demonstrate how Izimage can help you.